Saturday, 23 October 2010

Numberplate bracket

Had a couple of hours in the shed today, wanted a bit of welding practice so I decided to start thinking of how to attach the number plate to the bike. I had stated the ball rolling previously my making a backing plate that would hold the plate and some LED lights to light it up.

I started playing around with different configurations of 16mm bar and tube (the tube to hide some wires..) but it seemed to be a fairly mundane way to mount the plate.

I started thinkin again about what I could make that would look quite smart and could hold the curved backing plate, and had a play around with the hand roller I got from Toddy a few weeks back..

Go them welded together - althought this is no mean feat with a TIG. finding getting things held together the biggest challenge when using it. I end up making an elaborate set of props from whatever is on the workbench.

once welded up it was looking pretty cool, but the origional holes for the LED's to go in looked rubbish, so a change of tact was needed....

I decided that if I continued the curve round the fron to to the plate i could mount some lights pointing back to the plate, and it would a better looking solution!

I made a centre plate, then welded 2 rolled panels in place to give me the overall shape.

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