Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Seat T Bar and Pivot and the kindness of others

I sent out a plea for a harley seat T bar a few weeks back on insta, and a dude sent me (from the states) one  that he had chopped the front mount off to use on his project.

True to my roots I foraged about for something to use to sort it out and another conrod came to the rescue (again donated from another guy stateside). Plenty of welding and grinding to get the oval bar stock and the I profile rod to match up, but its getting somewhere. the top of the rod was used with some turned parts to make the pivot. Its still to be welded to the frame, but hopefully you get the idea....

This may be a big buck motor but no expense will be spent on making things that I think are cool, and the best thing - most people wont even see all that work. Some pictures to indulge yourself on... 

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