Thursday, 10 March 2016

First Commission - Motortechnic MFG Knucklehead chopper

Our first commissioned bike is a Motortechnic MFG Knucklehead. This is a replica motor, but looks just like the original. 

The motor is currently with our engine Guru Baz, getting ali heads fitted. the customer wants a strong running bike, and the ali heads will prevent the overheating that can be an issue riding in hot weather with the cast iron heads. 

The frame is a repro V twin frame, and most other parts are going to be hand fabricated by Tom. The tank has already been worked on - its a lowbrow wassell tank with the handshift and through tank fuel tap pressings grafted in. this should be a great looking long chop when its complete. 

Its also entered into the UK bike building competition - The Trip Out Bike Build off.... Make sure you check out their website for more great builds

We'll have the bike ready for the trip out in September this year, and it will be ridden down from the North of England. 

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