Friday, 31 January 2014

oil tank fab

Had my first proper time up the barn in weeks today, I've had the 45's oil tank on my brain.

First up was the bottom of the tank. Now I didnt want a basic boring straight sided tank, so I made the top and bottom different shapes. To get the bottom to take the shape I had to do some temporary supports to pull it all together. these bits often dont get spoken about - remember its easy to just cut the tacks and smooth off...

Second up - fitting the mount for the kill switch. simple cut out and weld in place. looks really good!

With the tank looking good I then took the grinder to it and cut a huge hole in it, which i then filled up with cut down curtain rail..... WHAT? yup, either the best or worst thing I've ever done!

Looks like a pile of crap? stick with me!

once tacked in place and ground back its looking pretty good.Still loads of filling and welding, but my hair brained scheme appears to be paying off for now...

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