Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pan faults

I may have got the pan into the country relatively cheaply, but with sumo running his beady eye over it - the number of "little bits" to do mounts up.

It's to be expected, and I can't recommend Sumo over at VintageChop enough. Very sensible in his approach, and prioritising what needs to be done on the bike.

It's down on compression, but runs on the mikuni, parts are being ordered for the linkert to get it running. Looks like I'll run it on lower compression for now, and do a top end next winter. The bike does seem to have been somewhat thrown together; wood screws holding the headlight cowl (naicelle?) together, clutch a mishmash of old crappy parts, and a horrendous wiring job!

Just goes to show that owning such a bike is a big commitment!

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