Monday, 13 May 2013

Summer sale.... VL Frame and Springer, Invader Wheels, Bates Style Seats

Time for me to have a clear out  I'm trying to pull some money together to buy a running bike, and get my head out the clouds with all my projects. I only try and buy nice parts, so wont be selling them for a pittance, but I'm welcome to decent offers.

First up - VL frame and springer. Frame is in great condition, there is a repair on the gearbox cradle, but other than that is in great shape. the forks are nice also, a bit of pitting on the fork legs, but what do you expect for an 80 year old?

Looking for offers around the £2k mark for both, or will split the frame and fork if you fancy... Was bought to modify so I could put my old Knuck motor into, but I didnt have the heart to cut them!

Really nice Invader wheels, 16 rear, 19 front. Imported these in from the states a while back, and they are in great nick. I also have an ironhead Brake / Sprocket setup that goes with these wheels. All parts for the sprocket and brake are brand new out the packet from W&W (you can imagine the cost). I believe there may be a cam and the brake lever missing, but there are new pads, springs etc for it.

Looking for offers around £600 for them...

Last up for now - Bates style saddles - re-pop one made by Caulfield - looking for £70 a piece for them...

Gimme a ring on 07540 722 423, or email

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