Saturday, 26 November 2011

It lives!!! Mwah-hahahaha!

I haven't been as good at updating the blog recently, basically I got it wired (again) and then it ran once. Couldnt get the bugger going again. Then I've been back out this morning to try a few things that had been suggested to me...

Swapped the ht leads round and It fired up a treat, but it doesn't like coming off the choke. Had to kill it as there was oil once again, but with a pinch of the oil feed pipe nut that seems to have sorted it.
Some white smoke coming from the left hand cylinder, but I guess that's normal for a rebuilt engine...

Still not consistently running. Got it running twice, but still proving to be a right bugger to start. Had to come in as it's absolutely hoofing it down!

The missis heard it, so it's not a dream- I have her proof. It is camera shy though, so no video as she buggered off to the shops when I got it running the second time.

Materials are ordered for the side shelter, so that will be going up next weekend with any luck.

Happy boy today!

Oh, and cheers for the help ogri, you win a chocolate mouse

Crankcase, your a star for offering to come over. I might still hold you to it when I've a cover over the roof to get it running properly.

Got a couple of improvements I'm gonna make:-

the bike pedal has been destroyed with all the kicking over so that needs replacing for something more sturdy

The peatock seal has been eaten by the petrol so that needs fixing.

The splitter in the fuel line is a pain in the arse, and looks a bloody eyesore. I think I'll put a tap for each carb

Kickstand needs to be properly welded on.

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