Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Indian junior scout stroker project up for grabs

Thought I'd put the feelers out if anyone was interested in a junior scout stroker project. As with all bikes, parts seem to stack up, so I have a spare basket sitting there. With all I have on and with my Indian waiting to be worked on I can't see me getting round to this one... It's not eating or drinking so I'm not in any rush to get rid, and there may be a few more bits to negotiate along the way...

Basket would consist of:-

Junior scout front frame section (lighter version of a 741 frame which were later  used for racing)
Rear frame section - currently plunger but could be put back to hardtail
Makings of a 750cc stroker 741 scout engine (500cc as stock) including Harley wl flywheels and rods, cases, heads, cylinders etc
Rear wheel
One tank side - right (it's better than none!)

The loose plan was to emulate Steve's sport scout and run a tele front end, and a Brit gearbox with it...

Could be interested in swaps for something interesting...

Email me if your interested for pictures /more info.

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