Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Summer's ride

Well ive been a bad boy!

Been dying to get out on the road, and with the Relic nowhere near finished I've been having thoughts about getting something to ride for the summer. Eyes started wandering as to what to get to eat up some miles, but still have the style of bike I like. Toddy pointed me to a couple of Sportsters on eBay that had already been tinkered with, rather than yet another project. 

Anyways, long story short i've bought a 2002 883 sportster that has a fenland choppers frame, all running and on the road. It'll be arriving tonight, I'm already insured, so as soon as it comes of the guys van I'll be taking it out, and learning how to ride for real! 

Never ridden a hardtail before (apart from the test ride) so I'll be taking it nice and easy!

Hopefully I can get a good load of miles under my belt - especially as i'll be riding it to the Hayride!

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