Monday, 28 March 2011

What a day!

its about time I got this baby finished!
Cleared my diary for a couple of days to get working on it.

 Had a brilliant day out in the shed on it today - totally buzzing
 with it and cant wait to get back out there working on it!

Started to make the oil tank mount the other day when i put 

my knee out - so picked that back up again today....

had some threaded bungs arrive this morning, just in the nick 

of time. The ones I got previously were M6 and M4, so a bit 
on the light weight side of things. I got an M10 for this job - 
nice and sturdy. first job was to drill the frame..

took bloody ages to get the hole the right size, biggest drill I

had was a 12mm, and the bung 22mm in diameter. true to form
 I couldn't find the grinding burrs, so it was an hour with the 
air grinder thing with various attachments to make the hole 

proper had the shakes today (probably the weekends beer 

wearing off) so my welding looked pretty shit to start out 
(it got better through the day)

Made a tab to weld the arm of the oil tank too

then with the magnetic hands (as I call them) holding the 

tank in place I was able to tack it in place...

One arm wouldn't hold it so I made some extra supports for 

under the seat, and did a bit of weld - filling to neaten it up
a bit....

more bung welding - this time i just cut the hole out with a 


and then welded it all up 

Didn't take so many pics as the afternoon progressed, but 

again more bungs, and the number plate mount and light 
mounted at the back of the frame...

Next up I needed a tray to fix the old camera box that will 

hold my battery. Nice little sheet metal project that!

again full use of the magnetic hands was needed:-

here is the tray neatened up

more bungs (M6 this time)

So at the end of a great day, I have numerous burns on my 

fingers, my knee is knackered again but I've a massive smile 
on my face! The Relic is really starting to take shape!

Hopefully gonna have the engine finished tomorrow and will 

be speaking to the zen master about finishing off the forward

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