Monday, 21 March 2011

Forwards - HELP!

I'm making forwards for the Relic - I have most of the parts I need - but need 
a bit of help with getting it all together properly...

So far I have the pedals made for both sides, 19mm stainless steel bar for the
spindle, bodies with brass bushes to act as the bearing, and these old Lycett
pegs that I want to use....

the plan is to assemble this lot something like this:-

I'm aware that I need the bearing to have minimal side to side movement, 
while not hindering the movement around the axis of the spindle.  As I like
to sketch things out this is my current plan:-

The drawing has the stainless bar broken so that you can see how it goes
together. Basically the bar will be welded onto stainless plates on the bike
side. I have proposed a split pin to be used to hold the bush in the right 
place (may need a washer between it and the bush?!?)

then I intend to make a small bracket to mount the pedal to...

Now as for attaching that, i first thought of welding it on, but that would mean
the assembly couldn't be dismantled, so maybe it would be threaded
through the top of the bar???

Just wondering if that over complicates things?

If anyone has a better suggestion for me please fire away......

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