Monday, 9 December 2013

Trouble with a Capital P!

Things may be a bit slow for me over the next few months. Absolutely stoked that my first child - Jack Vincent James Paterson arrived on 24th November (2013)!

He's an absolute Beut - Definitely takes after his mother!

This little guy is gonna have all the cool stuff I wanted as a kid. I've already started on his lowrider stroller, and I've been telling him that one day (when i'm old and decrepit and when he can pull my hands off it) he will have a chance of inheriting my Panhead!


  1. cheers man, its been a busy year, 2 house moves and a marriage to add to that list!

  2. A truly beautiful thing Tom, hearty congrats to all three of you . . . love the choice of names !!

  3. Ahh! Isn't he cute? Your baby is quite sweet too!

    Glad to see he's doing well. You certainly have the look of a new dad!


  4. Congratulations Tom you must be very proud, and so you should be. Building bikes is a walk in the park compared to fatherhood, but nowhere as rewarding.