Monday, 9 September 2013

The Trip Out

The Trip Out seemed a fitting destination for my Chop. 3 1/2 years after I had the stupid idea to "build a bike" I rolled in to the field - soaked through, but absoutely stoked!

Was a bit sketchy at first with the rain, but it picked up nicely once it all dried out. I think some of that was my confidence on the bike building also. Was awesome to ride in with Tombo - knowing what we had both put into our respective machines. 

Here are a couple of picks that I got on friday morning, and one that was sent to me in the field....

I've got oil pissing out the breather pipe, and the muddy needs sorting out as its rubbed on the tyre a bit, but all in all - a top weekend, and i'm chuffed as punch with the bike...


  1. good to meet up and have a laff that 7.4% cider made me fall over!!!

  2. Great to finally catch up with yourself and the sweet build, till the next time!