Tuesday, 24 September 2013

GKM coverage

Yesterday I had the honour of having my Xs photographed by Guy of Greasy Kulture magazine!!! I know- my little Xs!

I'm so amazingly stoked to be asked by Guy- it's a mag I've got every copy of, and have studied every issue numerous times. So many times where I have encountered an issue on the bike I've been able to pull out a few issues and call on points of reference on some of the most awesome bikes in the world. A brilliant mix of show quality bikes; and hard ridden, grotty- but much loved machines that have their stories to be told.

Guy loved the Xs; it's stupid chop styling and that I had slaved over getting a bike together having taught myself from the years of trial and error (mainly error).

Seeing guy roll up my street in his gold panel van, hearing the rumble of the V8 and sound of it grounding out on the speed bumps was awesome; and just proves Guy's love of machines. This is reflected in the magazine, now in its new and approved format.

I apologise in advance for any pictures of me obscuring the bike / the view....

This is the pic I just pinched from his blog. Just showing that great photography can make any rough bird look good!

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