Sunday, 21 October 2012

Manflu medicine

Feeling like death warmed up this weekend. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I had a little stint in the shed, wrapped up like a mummy!

Tibbs - my Kiwi chop riding buddy - had emailed me asking about the LED's I fitted in the relic light. Although those ones wouldn't quite work with what he wanted, I've loads of different size and colour LED's here to play with, so I got him to send up the light for me to have a look at.

A really cool light, especially with the staggered mount - gonna look sweet on Tibbs bike. The original light had a clear lens to the back and a red to the front. As Tibbs only wanted the front lens I saw a good opportunity to try out my recently acquired ball turning attachment for my lathe...

I drilled out the back of some aluminium to give some space to mount the LED, then made a tight interference fit onto some brass...

Here's the ball turning attachment

First one done...

And both done. They will probably need some glue in there to hold them together, but should look really cool.

Need to work the LED innards out this week and then wire it up....

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  1. Mate they are the dogs.
    Didn't realize you were crook, go have a whiskey on me.