Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Work Smarter

Its amazing how routine creeps into your life and how you take things as a given. Before I got the proper bike lift i just had 3 wooden benches. I put my current squeeze on the one at the far end of the barn, i have no idea why, but I soon got into the habit of having my most current build on that bench. 

I put the 345 on the proper lift bench when it arrived, but last week I got it off to get it cleaned and ready for its trip to Kustom Kulture and the tower Bike show in Germany this weekend.

It suddenly dawned on me that i should have the current build close to my welder an d grinding bench. The number of slip ups I've made by not being able to properly tack things onto the bike in situ. What an idiot!

Anyways - a word to the wise, make your space no matter how small as effective as possible for you to build your dream machine.

Bike cleaning tonight and then on my return, full steam ahead on the Knuckle. 

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