Thursday, 28 January 2016

K Magnum Harley

I've been squirreling parts away for this for quite some time. I saw one of these motors on the net, then in Greasy Kulture and from then I was hooked. there doesn't seem to be many about, but like all things, as soon as you think you have found something that hasn't been done I've found pictures of at least 6 engines - 2 of which seem to have been running.

The bottom end was picked up from an "interesting" polish mechanic in Peterborough 2 years or so ago. After sounding me out and showing him this blog, I passed the "test" and left with polish slash metal CD's as well. The mag is the leftover from the toddy framed bike that went to pastures new in 2015, and the top end was sourced from the states. I also have a set of NOS shiny heads on their way from the states - not sure if i'll run them as I quite like the look of these heads (they haven't been run either). If your ever looking for K model heads, they do tend to crack radially out from the plug hole - so worth a good inspection.

I've been digging into how to get these motors to run. You may know that i'm no mechanic or engine builder, but I've been trying to find all info I can on these motors.

The big issue seemed to be the angle of the tappets, with some digging I found that the WR tappet lifter blocks seem to be a good match, and there was great info (along with the chance to purchase cams and lifter blocks) at . These guys also have a little download on the K Magnum motor - and they recommend KHK cams to be used.

WL's have a reputation of not being the best lubricated engines - so when I've saved some more pennies I'll be ordering an improved oil pump and scavenger from Sweden.

At present the motor is in my office looking all pretty; and I'll slowly be amassing parts when funds allow. The frame is an original harley WL and for now there is a chopped BSA Bantam (D1) tank which has been split sitting on there.

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