Friday, 14 November 2014

The 345 - Show Class Peoples Champion

Two posts in a week! blimey - that's pushing it!

Thursday nights is my "approved" barn night - time has been tight since the little man came along (he's 1 in 10 days! EEEK!) so I needed to have a set night. Its working well as by Wednesday I'm itching to get up there and start emptying my brain of all these ideas.

To make my life that bit more interesting I've entered myself (well the345) into the Show Class Magazine Peoples Champ competition in the states. I've been looking for a while at what people build for that competition and felt like I needed both a challenge and a deadline. 

Most years there has been a massive contingent of big twin bikes shovel's pans knucks and the like - so I thought I would at least have something different in the 345. In my eyes its a good infusion of British and american, and a perfect bike for a brit guy to build with an american audience in mind.

As much as the bike is largely together there will be a number of things that I had thought of changing, but was probably reigning myself in and  making life a little easier at the same time. If it is going to get anywhere it will need to be revisited in most areas of fabrication.

Last night saw me take a standard Harley oil tank and reduce it in size to Triumph frame proportions. a lot of chopping and head scratching as ever, but i'm really pleased with the outcome. quite a bit of fabrication was involved, but the more I push myself the easier I find the metal working to be. 

I also jigged up and welded the handlebar clamps for the triumph sized helling and stellings style handlebar clamps for the peashooter springer. 

All in all a successful night and good progress made. Plans now swilling round my head involve remaking the back end of the bike!!!! 

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