Monday, 15 September 2014

Chrome Flame Moulded Tank

I've once again been slow at updating the blog with my progress. The moulded tank came back from paint - and looks class - yes - that's right Chrome paint that actually looks good!

Didn't make it to the trip out on it, but didn't want to compromise on the finish and how I wanted it to be. i have since forged ahead with the hand shift for the bike, and its looking pretty good to my eyes!


Also did a bit of work on the pan prior to the trip out - new generator from Cycle works, and dropped the front end a load (probably about 5-6 inches all in). The pan rode down to the Trip out and back no problems. Had to switch out the plugs on the Sunday morning to get her to start, but once running she went like a gem. Running rich, and drinking far too much fuel - but thats now down to me to get her out and ride her and get the carb dialled in.

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