Thursday, 13 March 2014

Narrowing a wide glide

I picked up a spare set of yokes that will run on the pan, the wide glide front end is cool, but I'm thinking that I want to run a 21" wheel. A skinny front wheel in wideglide yokes doesn't look good to me, so they need to go on a diet!

I did some hunting on the net (and insta) and found a couple of pics of where people have done it in the past.

After some measuring I cut 2 inches out the middle.

I then marked up an old bit if scrap casting that I got cheap. Made a great flat bed to clamp the pieces to.

Welded up well, put deep chamfers on each edge to help with the strength of the weld when I clean it up (thanks to panhead Dave on insta for the advice) That's as far as I got for now...

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