Thursday, 18 July 2013

FINALLY! She's a runner!

Hot on the heels of Tombo I got my bike on the road today after over 3 years of heartache and headscratching!!!!

Its the raddest thing ever in the world, I'm totally smitten with it now its been away from the side of my house. I got it all sorted and on the road this afternoon. Loads of little bits to iron out - I haven't tightened the head bearings being on major one, haha!

here she is outside the post office while I got her taxed...

I've been smiling so hard my face hurts!

its still not running 100%, it gets to about 1/3 throttle then bogs down, its ok for pootling around town, but not performing like it should. Its to be expected with the stock jetting in the carbs and the pipes.

Tombo has more patience for reading up on these things - he's suggesting that I should increase the main jet size???

your comments would be GREATLY appreaciated!

cant wait for it to be running right!


  1. Hey Tom,
    Congrats, it's a runner, on the road and it looks great!
    Don't know if you're using points or not, but check your advance/retard is free and working ok.
    Might be more down to air filters than pipes, but would be worth upping the pilot as well as the main. Could be running a little weak. Does it need a lot of choke? That'd point to weak running too.
    Hope this helps, cheers, Andy.

  2. Too bloody good TC, as Andy said, it looks great mate, proper indeed, congrats buddy . . . you'll sort the hiccoughs.

  3. Thumbs up mate!! As I said on DB it's definately your year this year!!

    Cheers - Shirty