Thursday, 14 February 2013

Spring is coming!

Not much progress been made on the bikes, but a few things going on behind the scenes. Got an import xs650 which will be daily for the beginning of the year. hoping it will go down pendine sands too.
 I did start making a cafe racer seat for it the other day, dont know when it'll make it on. probably after the relic is finished.
 The relic is ticking on, the snow and a dose of manflu have slowed progress, but we are nearing completion now....

 Things are getting a bit busy at the side of the house, much to the future Mrs P's dismay!

Also sorted a good laser cutting supplier. Tombo sorted out the drawings and picked up the adapter plates today - they will be made into adapters so i can run an amal Mk1 carb....

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