Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The beauty of old parts

Its not very often that people get to admire craftsmanship these days - a throw-away society; where little thought is given to the longevity of things over and above a couple of years.

I'm lucky enough to have bought a few parts in the states, and a good mate - Jason has been the custodian of them for me until I saved up some pennies to get them shipped over. Well the parts were posted less than 24 hours ago, and they already in my possession, and they are wondrous!

A Harley Davidson frame made 80 years ago, and an Indian gearbox that is some 70 years old. they show a bit of age, but also they show how form and function can work hand in hand. the frame especially has so many nice touches!

a privilege to have them in my possession - for the time being anyways...


  1. VL stands for Very Luscious, that detail is something else mate, beautiful . . . keep the flame alive TC.

  2. Hey! That is my old frame!!! LOL I can't believe how fast it got there! Looks better in your shed then my garage.... Maybe.

  3. LOL No no, no oily rags she got to hang from my rafters it is too nice to mess with. I still believe a 61" knuckle motor in there would be the cat's meow, or even a UL motor..... A big brother for the 45 maybe.... hmmm....