Monday, 19 March 2012

Chopper trials riding

I had a big idea to put the chop at the side of the house for a week or so. Now - ive just learned that steps and rigid harley chops dont go together that well.

I always forget how low and heavy it is! With enough noise, grunting and swearing from me it went in (relatively) easily.

Cant see many thieves that could be bothered with getting it out of there - it wont be in a hurry in any case!


  1. rode it most of the way up - it just bottomed out at the top - so had to drag it a bit! all good fun!

  2. yeh, not fun! i could get my xs's in and out with just the metal ramps, tried that, and it just bent the bottom ramp and bottomed out on the bottom set of steps (sure anyone that saw had a good smirk!)

  3. I dabbed both feet down, is that 5 points off? I'll have to speak to the clerk of the course!!!